Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

One dead and two injured in shooting at Mississippi Walmart

Occurred December 23, 2014.
Scene of fatal shooting at Clarksdale Walmart (screenshot source)

(UPDATED -- See below)

Three young men were in a Walmart store in Clarksdale, Mississippi, when they got into an argument with four other young men.

The argument spilled out into the parking lot, and the three men got into a vehicle.  That's when the other men pulled out a gun and shot the three in the car, then fled.

One of the three victims, aged 23, died from multiple gunshots at the scene.  The other two, ages 19 and 20, were wounded and taken to a hospital.

From an article:
Clarksdale Police said a 23-year-old Black man was shot multiple times in his upper torso and died from his injuries.

A 19-year-old Black male was shot in the neck and another Black male, age 20, was shot in the back, police said.

Both victims were taken to an area hospital. Their conditions are unknown. A witness told FOX13 News his cousin and two other passengers were sitting in the vehicle and another driver approached their vehicle. A gunman got out and shot the 23-year-old, who was a passenger in the back seat and then shot his 20-year-old cousin in the neck, who was sitting in the driver's seat. The 19-year-old who was sitting in the front passenger seat was then shot in the back.

Police said it appeared to be some type of confrontation inside the Walmart between the victims and four young Black male subjects. The shooting occurred once the victims were out in the parking lot.

Police said it appears to be a targeted shooting and not a random shooting.

There is no suspect information and the shooting remains under investigation.
From another article:

Investigators worked overnight to find the people who opened fire just two days before Christmas
"It's the wrong time for that. Within two days of the birth of Jesus Christ, and people still killing each other," said James Parks.
Investigators say an argument broke out inside the store, spilling over into the parking lot where several shots were fired.
"Could have hit anybody. Makes me want to get in my car and leave," Parks added.
Police say Tuesday's shooting was targeted. They're searching for three or four men who drove off in a dark colored SUV.
Nancy Bailey added, "You're kind of afraid for your life trying to come out and do what you need to do for the holidays. That's scary."
Walmart.  Save money.  Die faster.

UPDATE (12/26/14):  The main suspect in the case, 19-year old Christin Trey Allen, also known as Trey Pulley, turned himself in to custody.

A second person, James Thompkins, has also been charged as an accessory to the crime.  Around 20 shots had been fired.