Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Man attempts to kill estranged wife in Tennessee Sam's Club parking lot

Occurred January 11, 2014.

63-year-old Johnny Vinson was in the process of divorcing his wife, 46-year old Angel Pack.  He then tried to shoot her in the parking lot of a Sam's Club in Nashville, Tennesee.

He wounded her, but her wounds were minor.

Vinson had previously been arrested for and charged for assault against the victim.

From an article:
Officials with the Metro Nashville Police Department said 63-year-old Johnny Vinson was arrested Sunday just after 8 a.m. The suspect was found hiding in the passenger seat of a parked car on Willow Bough Lane in Hermitage.
Vinson has been charged with Attempted Murder Aggravated Assault, Unlawful Gun Possession, Order of Protection Violation, and Vandalism.
Vinson has been accused of shooting 46-year-old Angel Pack in the parking lot of a Sam's Club in south Nashville. The shooting happened just before 2 p.m. Saturday.
Investigators said Vinson confronted Pack as she walked out of the store and began physically assaulting her. A store employee attempted to intervene in the struggle but was stopped when Vinson threatened him with a gun.
Police said the suspect shot Pack multiple times before fleeing the scene. The couple was in the final stages of divorce at the time of the incident.
At the time of the shooting, Vinson was free on $20,000 bond from an arrest from December 14 on charges of aggravated assault against Pack and order of protection violation.
Officials said Vinson was convicted of domestic assault against Pack in 2011. He was also convicted of felony aggravated assault and received a two-year sentence for twice striking Pack's car with his pickup truck.
The victim was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.
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Ohio man fires gun in Walmart parking lot during domestic dispute

Occurred September 16, 2014.

22 year old Tristan Sheppard was exiting a Walmart store in Chillicothe, Ohio, with another person when the two got into a domestic dispute.  Sheppard then pulled out a handgun and fired it. 

Luckily no one was hurt.  Police arrested Sheppard.

From a news page:
Tristan Sheppard, 22, of Wheeling, Mo., was charged Wednesday with first-degree domestic assault, a Class B felony, armed criminal action, and unlawful use of a firearm, a Class B felony. 
Police say they responded to a domestic dispute on the north side of the Chillicothe Walmart parking lot at about 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, where a man had discharged a firearm. 
The man and the victim left the store and the man was later arrested in Wheeling by Livingston County sheriff's deputies.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Man steals assault rifle from Montana Walmart display case

Occurred September 7, 2014.

Schuyler Stewart Zwar has been arrested for entering a Billings, Montana, Walmart and going to the sporting goods area where, after asking to see some guns for sale, threatened an employee with a knife, then later returned and smashed a display case, stealing a Bushmaster model M-16, .223-caliber semi-automatic rifle, then fleeing.

From an article:
Zwar is seen on store security video pushing a large trash can into the store then walking to the sporting goods area.
Documents state Zwar looked at firearms in a display case then asked an employee for assistance to open the case.
After the employee took five firearms out of the case at 12:22 p.m. Zwar grabbed the employee.
The clerk said Zwar held a knife to his throat and tried to cut him several times, documents state.
The clerk told authorities he was calmly able to get away and Zwar left the sporting goods area.
Zwar returned less than a minute later swinging a large yellow crow bar, documents state.
Zwar "smashed the glass out of the display case and removed one firearm," documents state.
Walmart staff determined the firearm was a Bushmaster model M-16, .223-caliber semi-automatic rifle.
Zwar left the store at 12:24 p.m. using the automotive entrance and pulling a large black trash can, documents state.
Witnesses told officers the man left in a white vehicle, similar to a Subaru, with Washington state plates. ....
"The vehicle then led troopers on a pursuit for approximately 20 miles," the document states. "The vehicle was ultimately stopped after using spike strips to disable the tires and the driver identified as Schuyler Stewart Zwar."
After Zwar was taken into custody for the traffic offenses, troopers recovered a receipt for a crowbar that was purchased at a hardware store in Gillette, Wyo. earlier that day.
A search warrant was served on the vehicle and the rifle from Walmart, three boxes of ammunition, and the crowbar were recovered.
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Thursday, September 11, 2014

New Orleans Walmart robbed at gunpoint

Occurred September 7, 2014. 

An masked man armed with a gun entered a new Walmart in New Orleans, Louisiana, and forced an employee to get money from the cash room, then fled.

From an article, which includes images of the robber:
The masked gunman gained entry to the store, 6000 Bullard Ave., around 1 a.m. Sunday (Sept. 7), and a forced an employee at gunpoint to a room where money is kept, according to NOPD.
The gunman, dressed in a black jacket, black shoes, a black ski mask and black pants with a light-colored stripe down the side, kicked open the door to the room and took a bag of money before leaving the store, police said.
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Nebraska Walmart clerk robbed at gunpoint

Occurred September 6, 2014.

A man went to a checkout at a Walmart store in Omaha, Nebraska, then robbed the clerk of his personal money as well as the register money, at gunpoint.  He then fled and has not been apprehended.

From an article:
Police say a masked man entered the store at South 50th and L streets just before 3 a.m., confronted an employee and pointed a gun at him, demanding money. After giving the suspect cash out of his pocket, the employee was told to get money from the register.
The suspect then grabbed the drawer from the register and ran from the store. Police found the unopened register drawer, the handgun and mask in the back yard of a home near South 50th Avenue and M Street.

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North Carolina teen wounded in Walmart shooting

Occurred September 6, 2014.
Scene of shooting at Goldsboro Walmart (source)

An 18-year old boy was shot and wounded in an altercation in the parking lot of a Walmart store in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

From an article and news video:
The Goldsboro Police Department is investigating a shooting in the parking lot of a Walmart store.

It happened Saturday around 8:20 p.m. on U.S. 70 West.

Investigators said 18-year-old Jordan Lynn suffered a gunshot wound to the buttocks. He was treated and released at Wayne Memorial Hospital.

Police say Lynn and the shooter apparently know each other, but they have not yet named the suspect.
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Gunman robs Pennsylvania Walmart of iPads

Occurred September 4, 2014.

A man walked into a Walmart store in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and threatened a clerk with a gun, telling the clerk to fill a duffel bag with iPads.  He then kept the clerk at gunpoint until they exited the building and he fled.

From an article:
The robber entered the store on Nazareth Pike (Route 191) about 8:15 p.m., and forced a cashier at gunpoint to fill a duffel bag with iPads. The robber then walked the cashier out of the store to the front of the nearby Giant Food Store at gunpoint before taking off on foot, police said.
The cashier was not hurt.
The robber was between 18 and 20 years old, 6-foot-3-inches tall and had a crew cut hairstyle. He wore a gray, hooded sweatshirt, black shorts and black sneakers.

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