Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

List of 2014 Walmart Shootings

Below is a list, updated regularly, with all of the incidents in 2014 that involved shots fired on Walmart properties.  This list does not include all the non-shots fired incidents, like most armed robberies, gun thefts, or threats with guns.  For those, go to the main page and click on the keywords list.

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So far in 2014, non-shooting incidents have included 78
armed robberies and shopliftings with guns, 19 incidents of guns and ammo stolen, and other crimes.

Only 4 shootings were ruled as legitimate self defense (other than law enforcement).

Walmart employees were the suspect in 2 incidents and a victim in 14 incidents. 

11 incidents were by people with legal conceal carry permits or legally carried openly.

So far in 2014 shootings have included:  
--> 92
shootings, 16 dead, 42 injured <--

12/30/14 -- Conceal carry permit holder shot to death by her 2-year old in Idaho Walmart -- one dead

12/24/14 -- Two drunk men shoot up Idaho Walmart store with a BB gun -- no injuries

12/23/14 -- Walmart workers shot at while in parking lot of store in California -- no injuries

12/23/14 -- One dead and two injured in shooting at Mississippi Walmart -- one dead, two injured

12/21/14 -- Shots fired in Wisconsin Walmart parking lot -- no injuries

12/20/14 -- Virginia Walmart shopper unintentionally shoots himself in car while in parking lot -- one injury

12/18/14 -- Suicidal Walmart employee shot by officers in Toronto, Canada -- one injury

12/16/14 --  Off-duty policeman shoots shoplifter at Texas Walmart after being stabbed -- one injury (from shooting, plus an injury from stabbing)

12/10/14 -- Argument leads to fatal shooting outside a Texas Walmart -- one dead

12/8/14 -- Man shot in the abdomen during fight at Kentucky Walmart -- one injury

12/6/14 -- Teen accidentally shoots himself in South Dakota Walmart parking lot -- one injured

12/2/14 -- Shots fired outside a Virginia Walmart store -- no injuries

11/27/14 -- Police detective commits suicide by gun in California Walmart parking lot -- one dead

11/22/14 -- Police open fire on Walmart shoplifter who dragged officer with truck in New York -- no injuries (from gunfire)

11/18/14 -- Men fire gun during shoplifting of TV at Dallas Walmart -- no injuries

11/16/14 -- Shots illegally fired by conceal carry permit holder during fight at Pennsylvania Walmart -- no injuries

11/7/14 --  Man armed with hammers shot by off-duty secret service agent at North Virginia Walmart -- one injury

11/5/14 -- Former Sheriff's deputy fires shotgun into Georgia Walmart store -- no injuries

10/29/14 -- Three gunmen rob safe from New Mexico Walmart and shoot at store -- no injuries

10/27/14 --  Man shot and killed by transient at a Colorado Walmart  -- one dead

10/22/14 -- Man robbed at gunpoint for game system in Oklahoma Walmart parking lot; shot fired -- no injuries

10/11/14 -- Robbers fire at couple and young son at Tennessee Walmart -- no injuries

10/5/14 -- Shoplifters open fire when confronted in a California Walmart -- no injuries

10/5/14 -- Officer shot by shoplifter at Alabama Walmart -- one injury

10/1/14 -- Marijuana heist in Washington Walmart parking lot turns into defensive shooting -- one injury

9/30/14 -- Deputy shoots and kills gunman in Washington Walmart parking lot -- one dead

9/25/14 -- Tennessee Walmart security guard shoots man for shoplifting beer and dog food -- one injury

9/16/14 -- Ohio man fires gun in Walmart parking lot during domestic dispute -- no injuries

9/10/14 -- Police shoot to death sword-wielding man on edge of Utah Walmart parking lot -- one dead

9/8/14 -- Argument leads to shooting in Alaska Walmart parking lot -- one injury

9/6/14 -- North Carolina teen wounded in Walmart shooting -- one injury

8/27/14 -- Man shot and killed at Dallas Walmart gas station; officer kills suspect -- two dead

8/16/14 -- Officer opens fire on suspect at Oregon Walmart -- no injuries

8/11/14 -- Officer shoots attacking pit bull in Texas Walmart parking lot -- no (human) injuries

8/9/14 -- Man injured in shooting at Kansas City Walmart parking lot -- one injury

8/5/14 -- Ohio man waves realistic-looking pellet rifle at Walmart customers; shot dead by police -- one dead (plus another due to unrelated medical issues)

8/3/14 -- North Carolina man fires gun as "warning shot" in parking lot of a Walmart store -- no injuries

7/11/14 -- Shot fired during arrest of Walmart shoplifter in Oklahoma -- no injuries

7/10/14 -- Drug deal leads to shooting at Tennessee Walmart -- one injury

7/9/14 -- Man shot and killed in Florida Walmart parking lot -- one dead

7/8/14 -- Felon fires gun in California Walmart parking lot -- no injuries

7/6/14 -- Shots fired during altercation in Utah Walmart parking lot -- no injuries

7/2/14 --  Officer fires on shoplifters after they run him over in Louisiana Walmart -- no injuries (from shooting, one officer injured from being run over)

6/30/14 -- Man shot during transaction in Indiana Walmart parking lot -- one injury

6/15/14 -- Conceal carry gun owner shoots self in Indiana Walmart -- one injury 

6/10/14 -- Drug deal leads to shooting in Missouri Walmart bathroom -- one injury

6/8/14 --  Political extremists kill three before being killed in Nevada Walmart - three dead (in Walmart, two in a neighboring pizza restaurant)

6/7/14 --  Man wounded at California Walmart Neighborhood Market -- one injured

6/4/14 -- Shots fired at car in North Carolina Walmart parking lot -- no injuries

6/4/14 -- Shots fired during robbery at North Carolina Walmart -- no injuries

6/4/14 -- Jealous ex-husband shoots rival at New York Walmart -- one injury

6/2/14 -- Drug deal gone bad leads to three people shot at Oklahoma Walmart -- one dead, two injured

5/26/14 -- Man shot to death at Florida Walmart -- one dead

5/24/14 -- Conceal carry gun owner drops gun and injures woman in Indiana Walmart -- one injury

5/17/14 -- Woman shot in eye by man with BB gun in Walmart parking lot -- one injury

5/17/14 -- Ohio teen fires shots in Walmart parking lot after car crash -- no injuries

5/17/14 -- Man with legally-carried handgun unintentionally shoots himself in Arizona Walmart store -- one injury

5/11/14 -- "Drug deal gone bad" at NC Walmart leads to shooting that ends at Sam's Club -- no injuries

5/9/14 -- Police officer shoots suspect in Missouri Walmart parking lot -- one injury

5/9/14 -- Deputy wounds drug dealer in Alabama Walmart parking lot -- one injury

5/7/14 -- Man fires gun at woman in Tennessee Walmart parking lot -- no injuries

5/6/14 -- Man fires gun during robbery at California Walmart -- no injuries

5/6/14 -- Man with realistic pellet gun shot and wounded by police at Colorado Walmart -- one injury

5/4/14 -- Fight outside of Texas Walmart lead to one man shot and wounded -- one injury

4/26/14 -- Gang shooting at Texas Walmart wounds one young man -- one injury

4/22/14 -- Drug bust goes bad; undercover officer and suspect both shot -- two injuries

4/15/14 -- Off-duty officer shoots wanted felon in Alabama Walmart parking lot -- one injury

4/11/14 -- FBI arrest of drug-dealing gang member leads to fatal shooting at Maryland Sam's Club -- one dead

4/11/14 -- Shootout in New Mexico Walmart parking lot wounds 3-year old girl -- one injury

4/11/14 -- Man shot and killed by police in Georgia Walmart parking lot -- one dead

4/11/14 -- Robbery leads to shooting in North Carolina Walmart parking lot -- no injuries

4/3/14 -- Wanted man shot by officer in California Walmart parking lot -- one injured

3/21/14 -- Man tries to steal rifle from Texas Walmart and is shot by police -- one dead

3/13/14 --  Gunman robs elderly man at South Carolina Walmart; victim then fires at robber -- no injuries

3/4/14 -- Colorado woman shot at by boyfriend behind Walmart Neighborhood Market -- no injuries

3/3/14 -- Man fires flare gun in Mississippi Walmart store, sparks fire -- no injuries

3/3/14 -- Domestic shooting at a Walmart in Georgia -- one injured

2/26/14 -- Conceal carry permit holder unintentionally shoots himself at an Iowa Sam's Club -- one injury

2/25/14 -- California man shoots himself in the leg in Walmart parking lot -- one injury

2/23/14 -- Teenage shoplifter opens fire on shoppers at South Carolina Walmart -- no injuries

2/20/14 -- Football star shot in road rage incident at Tennessee Walmart -- one injury

2/16/14 -- Louisiana deputy fires at Walmart robber in parking lot -- no apparent injuries

2/16/14 --  Fight in Arizona Walmart leads to man shot to death -- one dead

2/13/14 -- Shots fired in Craigslist robbery at Texas Walmart -- no injuries

2/6/14 -- Man fires at vehicle in Oklahoma Walmart parking lot -- no injuries

2/4/14 -- Shots fired during Craigslist robbery at Florida Walmart -- no injuries

2/3/14 -- Police shoot and kill crows at an Idaho Walmart -- no injuries

2/2/14 -- Walmart employee shoots another at Arkansas Walmart -- one injured

1/29/14 -- Two young men found shot to death in Tennessee Walmart parking lot -- two dead

1/24/14 -- Man shot at North Carolina Walmart -- one injured

1/15/14 -- Purse-snatcher fires at employees at Texas Walmart -- no injuries

1/11/14 -- Man attempts to kill estranged wife in Tennessee Sam's Club parking lot -- one injury

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