Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Police open fire on Walmart shoplifter who dragged officer with truck in New York

Occurred November 22, 2014.
Scene of officer-involved shooting at Amherst Walmart (source)

Ronald Kerling, 33, was caught shoplifting in a Walmart store in Amherst, New York.

Police showed up and confronted Kerling, with an officer attempting to catch Kerling in the man's pick-up truck, when Kerling drove off, dragging the officer along.  The officer's partner then opened fire on Kerling.

The first officer managed to extract himself, and Kerling fled.  He was later arrested at his home.

Kerling was not hit by gunfire.  The first officer was injured, as was another responding officer when he was hit by another patrol car.

From an article:
The suspect was able to get into the pick-up truck and drive off, while the officer was holding onto his steering wheel. The pick-up dragged him some distance, police say.
The other officer, fearing that his partner's life was in danger, started firing at the vehicle.
The officer being dragged by the pick-up managed to disentangle himself and the suspect sped off.
While all this was going on, another Amherst police officer on foot was hit by a patrol car arriving at the scene to assist in the arrest. He was seriously injured.
Later in the night, acting on tips they received from the public, police arrested the suspect. Ronald Kerling, 33, of Buffalo, has an extensive criminal history, police say, and he was on parole for a felony conviction in another jurisdiction when he allegedly tried robbing the Walmart.
Both the officer who was dragged by the truck and Officer Corey Brown, who was struck by the patrol car, were taken to Erie County Medical Center. Brown's condition is unknown at this time, but his injuries are serious. The other officer was treated and released. Brown was off-duty at the time of the robbery but answered the call anyway.
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