Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Shoplifters open fire when confronted in a California Walmart

Occurred October 5, 2014.
Scene of shooting at San Leandro Walmart (source)

Two men, Oscar Cruz, 39, and Edward Lovato, 18, were observed shoplifting in a Walmart in San Leandro, California, and fleeing the store.  Walmart security personnel pursued the two men, caught them, and were escorting them back inside when Cruz pulled out a handgun and opened fire.  No one was hit.

Police arrived just as Cruz opened fire and took him into custody.

From an article:
When the men exited the store, the guards confronted them and asked them to return inside to be cited. As they walked back in, the 39-year-old suspect, who police said is a felon, tried to escape.

The guards then grabbed the men in an attempt to arrest them, and a scuffle ensued inside the front entrance of the store.
During the confrontation, McManus said, the 39-year-old suspect pulled out a gun and began shooting. Police have not released the number of shots fired.

McManus said customers and at least 10 employees were at the front of the store when the shots were fired. "It got violent very quickly," he said. "We are lucky that no one inside the store was hit with gunfire."
Officers later located the suspects' vehicle in the parking lot, and a search turned up a loaded, high-caliber handgun inside. Detectives were investigating whether either of the firearms were reported stolen.
The injured suspect was taken to a hospital for treatment of minor injuries. He remained hospitalized in stable condition Monday under police guard. Both men were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, attempted robbery and for various firearm-related charges.

Both men have a criminal history.  From another article:

Cruz, who is on probation after a domestic violence conviction, suffered injuries during the struggle with loss prevention officers and was taken by ambulance to a hospital.
Officers found a loaded, high-caliber handgun inside a car parked outside the store belonging to the suspects, police said.
Last Thursday, Lovato has been spotted driving a stolen car near his home, police said. He gave up, was arrested on suspicion of auto theft and possession of stolen property and was released from jail with a future court date.

San Leandro had another Walmart shooting back in 2011, on "Black Friday," when a man was shot in the neck during a robbery.

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