Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Tennessee Walmart security guard shoots man for shoplifting beer and dog food.

Occurred September 25, 2014.
Scene of shooting at Nashville Walmart (screenpic source)

A 21-year old man, DeMarko Peoples, was seen stealing a beer and dog food from a Walmart store in Nashville, Tennessee. 

A security guard,  59-year-old Michael Williams, pulled his handgun and chased Peoples to his car.  As Peoples pulled out of the parking lot, Williams discharged his gun through the car window, hitting Peoples in the back.  Other passengers were not injured.  Peoples was admitted to a hospital in critical condition.

The security guard claims the shooting was by "accident."

From an article:

DeMarko Peoples, 21, allegedly went into the Walmart at 1220 Gallatin Pike just before midnight, grabbed a case beer and a bag of dog food, and left the store without paying.
A female security guard inside the store yelled for Peoples to stop. Peoples ran to his vehicle, where a second security guard, 59-year-old Michael Williams, reportedly told him to exit the vehicle.
Williams told detectives that Peoples put the car in drive and he stepped away from the vehicle in order to avoid being hit.
As Peoples' car was exiting the parking space, Williams' gun discharged, shattering the rear driver's side window.
Peoples drove a few blocks before telling his passenger he had been shot. The passenger then drove Peoples to Skyline Medical Center. He was listed in critical but stable condition Friday.
Peoples' family hired attorney Paul Moser.
"They're angry," Moser said. "How would anyone feel if their son was shot?"
Police are investigating whether the security guard was justified in using his weapon.
The security guard told police it was an accidental discharge. He said he didn't remember firing the weapon into the car and that he didn't mean to.
"In this case, this guy is wanted for shoplifting," Moser said. "He's leaving. There's no threat. There is no threat of death, there is no threat of bodily injury, so it wouldn't be appropriate to discharge your firearm."
Police have not said if the security guard will be facing charges.
Police added this started in the backyard of a home on Jones Avenue with a dog thief.
Peoples was allegedly getting dog food for pit bull puppies that another man had stolen from an East Nashville home at gunpoint.
At least three other shootings have taken place at Walmart and Sam's Club stores in Nashville so far this year (see HERE, HERE, and HERE).

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