Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Marijuana heist in Washington Walmart parking lot turns into defensive shooting

Occurred October 1, 2014.

A man met with two other men in the parking lot of a Walmart store on the Tulalip Indian Reservation near Marysville, Washington, to sell medical marijuana, as he had arranged via Craigslist.  That's when one of the other men pulled out a gun to try to rob the seller, hit him in the face with the gun, and shot out a window.  The seller then pulled out his own gun and fired, hitting one of the attackers, wounding him in the shoulder.

The shooter later reported the shooting to the police.  The suspects were captured, including the wounded one at a hospital.

From an article:
[The seller] said the men hit him in the face with a handgun and shot out his front passenger-side window. He fired back with his own gun, and said his actions were self-defense, according to court records. ...

The Tulalip man told detectives that he sells medical marijuana and had taken out an ad on Craigs-list. He agreed to meet with the men Wednesday night.

After the shooting, the Tulalip man drove home to tell his wife what happened. They then went to the Washington State Patrol headquarters west of Marysville to report the shooting. The case was turned over to Tulalip Tribal Police who asked for assistance from the sheriff's office Major Crimes Unit.

At the hospital, the injured suspect told detectives he was shot at a party in Everett. When asked if he had been in the Tulalip supermarket parking lot earlier that evening, he allegedly became uncooperative.

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