Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

List of 2013 Walmart Shootings

Below is a list of all of the incidents in 2013 that involved shots fired on Walmart properties that I could find.  This list does not include all the non-shots fired incidents, like most armed robberies, gun thefts, or threats with guns.  For those, go to the main page and click on the keywords list.

(For a running list of 2014 incidents, go HERE. For a listing of the 53 different 2012 shooting incidents, go HERE.  That number was surpassed in early October of 2013.)

In 2013, non-shooting incidents have included 75 armed robberies with guns, 16 incidents of guns and ammo stolen, and one plotted mass shooting.  

12 incidents have involved people with legal conceal carry, which Walmart supports in their stores.

4 shootings were by Walmart employees!

In 2013 shootings included:  
--> 83 shootings, 24 dead, 42 injured <--

12/31/13 -- Mississippi man unintentionally shoots himself in Walmart parking lot -- one injury


12/28/13 -- Shots fired at a North Carolina Walmart -- no injuries


12/24/13 --  Possible shots fired in North Carolina Walmart -- no injuries


12/23/13 -- Man shot to death in California Walmart parking lot -- one dead


12/22/13 -- Shoplifter shot by police at Texas Walmart -- one injury

12/22/13 -- Attempted armored truck robbery leads to shooting at Indiana Walmart -- one injury

12/15/13 -- Shoplifters fire at police at Ohio Walmart -- no injuries

12/15/13 -- Man shoots himself to death in Nevada Walmart -- one dead

12/14/13 -- Man wounded in shooting behind Walmart and Sam's Club in Florida -- one injured

12/10/13 -- Jealous Walmart employee shoots car of another employee in Florida -- no injuries

12/8/13 -- Walmart employee with concealed weapon in Mississippi fires shots at ex-girlfriend -- no injuries

12/1/13 -- Shots fired at a Cincinnati Walmart lead to school lockdowns -- no injuries


11/23/13 -- Armed robber fires shot in California Walmart -- no injuries

11/22/13 -- Shooter tracked to Ohio Walmart and shot to death by SWAT -- one dead, one injured (at Walmart)

11/17/13 -- Conceal carry gun owner unintentionally fires gun in Walmart store -- no injuries

11/17/13 -- Walmart employee shot to death in store parking lot by ex-boyfriend -- one dead

11/13/13 -- Woman shot at in Georgia Walmart parking lot -- no injuries

11/4/13 -- Man shot by toddler son in Arkansas Walmart parking lot -- one injury

11/3/13 -- Tennessee woman shoots at cars in Walmart parking lot then killed by police -- one dead

11/1/13 -- Woman fires on occupied vehicle in Alaska Walmart parking lot -- no injuries

10/30/13 -- Shot fired by onlooker during shoplifter chase at Georgia Walmart -- no injuries

10/22/13 -- Shooting in a Walmart parking lot in California -- no injuries

10/22/13 -- Shot fired from Texas Walmart parking lot hits a home -- no injuries

10/20/13 -- Man wounded when gun unintentionally fires in California Sam's Club -- one injury

10/20/13 -- Three people shot outside Arizona Walmart -- three injuries

10/14/13 -- Shots fired at a South Carolina Walmart -- no injuries

10/2/13 -- Man commits suicide at Montana Walmart with shotgun purchased there -- one dead

10/2/13  -- Conceal carry owner shoots self in Tennessee Walmart -- one injury

9/28/13 -- Shots fired during robbery attempt in California parking lot -- no injuries

9/26/13 -- Woman shoots and kills man in Texas Walmart parking lot -- one dead

9/23/13 -- Shots fired in parking lot of New Mexico Walmart -- no injuries

9/15/13 -- Man fires shots in parking lot of Florida Walmart -- no injuries

9/8/13 -- Two people dead from murder/suicide in Ohio Walmart parking lot -- two dead

9/5/13 -- Drug-related shooting in Mississippi Walmart parking lot -- one injury

8/31/13 -- Man shot and wounded in Missouri Walmart parking lot -- one injury

8/30/13 -- Shoplifter shot by police at Tennessee Walmart store -- one injury (from shooting, another from vehicle assault)

8/24/13 -- Man shot in robbery attempt at Oregon Walmart -- one injury (from shooting, another from beating)

8/23/13 -- Security guard shot at Ohio Walmart -- one injury

8/14/13 -- One employee shoots another in a Wisconsin Walmart store -- one injury

8/10/13 -- Man shot in head at North Carolina Walmart parking lot -- one injury

8/4/13 -- Escaped convict with boxcutter shot by police at Iowa Walmart construction site -- one injury

8/2/13 -- Two men dead in shooting that started at California Walmart -- two dead

7/31/13 -- Shoplifter fires gun into floor in Ohio Walmart -- no injuries

7/31/13 -- Another policeman shoots and kills a Walmart shoplifter in Texas -- one dead

7/28/13 -- Off-duty officer shoots and kills shoplifter in Texas Walmart -- one dead

7/27/13 -- 18-year old fires gun in Walmart parking lot -- no injuries

7/19/13 -- Woman shot and injured in North Dakota Walmart parking lot -- one injury

7/10/13 -- State trooper shoots and kills armed carjacker in Houston Walmart parking lot -- one dead

7/9/13 -- Man with conceal carry license unintentionally shoots himself in Pennsylvania Walmart parking lot -- one injured

7/7/13 -- Montana prison escapee shot to death by police in Walmart parking lot -- one dead

7/3/13 -- Wanted robber shot dead by police in Arkansas Walmart parking lot -- one dead

6/22/13 -- North Carolina man wounds four with shooting at and around Walmart -- five wounded, including shooter


6/22/13 -- Fight in Virginia Walmart parking lot leads to shot fired -- no injuries

6/18/13 -- Alaskan man shoplifts wiper blades then fires shots inside Walmart store -- no injuries


6/17/13 -- Police officers shoots and kills child abductor in Oklahoma Walmart -- one dead

6/12/13 -- Police fire on man with realistic-looking toy gun in parking lot of Arkansas Walmart -- no injuries

6/7/13 -- Teens shoot realistic-looking BB gun at Arkansas Walmart employee in store -- no injuries

5/30/13 -- Man steals pellet gun from Pennsylvania Walmart and shoots employees with it -- two injuries

5/20/13 -- Shoplifters exchange gunshots with police at Tennessee Walmart -- no injuries from gunshots (and one injury by car)

5/19/13 -- Shooting wounds one in Indiana Walmart -- one injured

5/6/13 -- Man shot in the back while fleeing into Indiana Walmart -- one injured

5/1/13 -- Man shot and killed at Tucson Walmart Neighborhood Market -- one dead

4/24/13 -- Deadly shooting in Louisiana Walmart parking lot -- one dead

4/20/13 -- Man fires shotgun at truck in Ohio Walmart parking lot -- no injuries

4/13/13 -- Concealed handgun falls out of man's holster and discharges in Indiana Walmart -- no injuries

4/11/13 -- Man shoots at lights in Oregon Walmart parking lot -- no injuries

4/3/13 -- Woman in South Carolina Walmart parking lot struck by stray bullet -- one injured

3/28/13 -- Police shoot unarmed shoplifter in Memphis Walmart -- one injured

3/27/13 -- Man shot and wounded at Arizona Walmart -- one injured

3/16/13 --  Double-amputee shoots Alaska Walmart manager when asked to leash service dog -- one injured

3/12/13 -- Officer-involved shooting in Missouri Walmart parking lot -- two injured

2/27/13 -- Armed vigilante shoots at shoplifter in Florida Walmart – no injuries


2/26/13 -- Deadly shooting at Florida Walmart parking lot – one dead


2/19/13 -- Conceal carry permit holder unintentionally shoots self at Ohio Walmart – one injured


2/18/13 -- Teen girl and a security guard injured in shooting at Memphis Walmart – two injured


2/9/13 -- Man with marital problems shoots himself to death in Texas Walmart – one dead


1/22/13 -- Shot fired in parking lot of a New York Walmart hits car – no injuries


1/27/13 -- Drive-by shooting at Nevada Walmart -- one dead


1/17/13 -- Man found shot to death behind West Virginia Walmart – one dead


1/12/13 -- Man shot and another robbed at gunpoint at Georgia Walmart – one injured


1/5/13 -- Man shot dead by police after shoplifting BB gun in Phoenix Walmart – one dead


1/2/13 -- Man shot with pellet gun in Walmart parking lot; victim of hate crime – one injured

Walmart.  Save money.  Die faster.