Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Two dead in shooting that started at California Walmart parking lot

Occurred August 2, 2013.
Where the shooting began at Porterville Walmart
(from Google Maps)

Two men died in a shooting that began in the parking lot of a Walmart in Porterville, California.

Multiple shots were fired between two groups in the parking lot.  The battle continued as the groups got into vehicles and drove off through the city, continuing to fire at each other, until one vehicle rammed another and they crashed.

From an article:
According to police, the fatal shoot out began when a man driving a white Lexus SUV came out of Office Max in the shopping center and got into a confrontation with two men in a brown GMC Yukon. Witness told of a horrifying scene where more than 10 shots were fired and then ducking for cover. (See accompanying story). 
The shooting continued as the two victims left in the Yukon, chased by the man in his vehicle. They went west on Henderson Avenue. Witnesses said the two vehicles were ramming each other as they traveled down Henderson, eventually both of them crashing. 
Witnesses also reported hearing gun shots just before the Yukon was rammed and lost control. It ended up straddling the median, facing north, on Henderson right about in front of the Vietnam War memorial and across from the basketball courts at Monache High School. 
“The guy in the white car smacked them and pushed them onto the divider,” said witness John Wilson, who said the sound of gunshots caught his attention. 
Wilson and another witness, Blake Bond, said the Lexus also spun around and the driver quickly got out and ran over to the Yukon and retrieved two backpacks. “He grabbed them and ran to his car,” said Bond. 
It was at that time a Porterville motorcycle officer who was responding to the numerous 9-1-1 calls about the Office Max shooting, caught up to the scene and arrested the Lexus driver at gun point. .... 
The back window, the driver’s side window and the front passenger side window of the Yukon all appeared to have been shot out. Bullet holes were also evident in the windshield of that vehicle, but there did not appear to be any shattered windows on the Lexus. 
Witnesses said no shots were fired once the two vehicles stopped. 
The Yukon had damage on the passenger side and the Lexus on the driver’s side from the ramming. Parts of the vehicles were left along the roadway. Dempsie agreed they had about a quarter of a mile long crime scene and it would take time to sort everything out.
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