Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Friday, September 27, 2013

Woman shoots and kills man in Texas Walmart parking lot

Occurred September 26, 2013.
Scene of fatal shooting at League City Walmart

(UPDATED -- see below)

A woman was in an argument with a man, with whom she was in a relationship, in the parking lot of a Walmart store in League City, Texas.  She then pulled out a gun and shot him in his car, then she fled.

The victim died in the hospital.  She later turned herself in.

From an article:
Roshanda Latrice Howard, 41, has been charged with murder, according to the League City Police Department. 
It was around 10:15 p.m. Thursday when police responded to a shooting at the Walmart on FM-646 near the Gulf Freeway. They found a wounded man in a silver GMC sport utility vehicle. He was sent to the hospital by Life Flight where he later died, police said. 
The suspect had already left the scene, but police said she later turned herself in at the police station. 
According to police, Howard gave a statement and confessed to the shooting.
Police did not say what the motive for the crime was.
Walmart.  Save money.  Die faster.

UPDATE (10/3/13):  According to an article, the victim is named Jacob Felts.