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Monday, April 29, 2013

Deadly shooting in Louisiana Walmart parking lot

Occurred April 24, 2013.
Scene of deadly shooting in Port Allen Walmart parking lot

A man was shot in a conflict that erupted in the parking lot of a Walmart in Port Allen, Louisiana.  The shooter fled.  The victim, 37-year old Leon Banks, was put in a car by a friend, who then tried to drive him to the hospital, but police pulled him over.  First aid was administered, but the man died.

From an article:

Around 9:00 p.m. Wednesday night, a Plaquemine man was fatally shot outside of a Wal-Mart near Port Allen. The victim, Leon Banks, 37, was driven away from the scene by another man, Alfred Watts III. The two fled the parking lot in a white BMW, trying to get Banks to a hospital in Baton Rouge. 
West Baton Rouge Sheriff's Deputies pursued the car and finally stopped it near a Florida Boulevard CATS station. Upon finding Banks injured in the car, they called an ambulance to take him to an area hospital where he later died. They also arrested Watts for possession of marijuana in the car. 
WBR Sheriff's Deputies are looking for the suspected shooter, whose name has not been released.   

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