Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Monday, April 29, 2013

Man smashes gun case in North Carolina Walmart and steals rifle, then hides in bathroom

Occurred April 28, 2013.

At a Walmart store in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, 44-year old Ricky Edward Frazier smashed a gun display case and pulled out a rifle.  He then fled to the bathroom until police pulled him out and arrested him.

This is at least the fifth incident of guns stolen from displays in Walmart stores so far in 2013 that I know of.

From an article:

Police said 44-year-old Ricky Edward Frazier, of 1705 Shamrock Ln., went into the sporting goods section of Walmart, smashed a glass gun case and took out a rifle. Frazier ran into the men's restroom with the rifle at the back of the store and refused to leave. 
Officers were eventually able to take Frazier into custody. No one was injured in the incident. 
Frazier is charged with larceny of a firearm, going armed to the terror of the public, and damage to property. He also faces charges for multiple outstanding warrants for driving violations.

Walmart.  Save money.  Die faster.