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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Armed vigilante shoots at shoplifter in Florida Walmart

Scene of shooting at Orange City Walmart
Occurred February 27, 2013.

A 42-year old man, Eddie McKee, attempted to shoplift a shopping cart full of meat at an Orange City, Florida, Walmart, knocking down a woman in the process.  

A number of people chased after him, including a person who did not draw their concealed handgun.

But another man, Jose Martinez, 35, decided to play vigilante.  He confronted McKee and then fired a number of shots from his concealed 9mm handgun, shattering McKee's rear window and putting a number of holes in the car, as well as in a number of other cars.  Martinez has a conceal carry permit.

Though the parking lot was busy, luckily no one was injured.

McKee was captured by police a few blocks away.  He is being charged for the shoplifting.

Martinez later claimed that he "wanted to mark the suspect's car" for police.  He also claimed self-defense, saying that McKee was trying to run him over, but this isn't supported by video evidence, which shows that he shot at the car when the car was driving away.  He is now being charged with felonies.

From an article and news video:

But police said Martinez only was bumped by the shoplifter's getaway car because he was chasing after the car and even tried to open the door to the moving vehicle before he opened fire. 
Eddie McKee, 42, was caught shoplifting groceries at the Walmart and took off when security confronted him, knocking down a woman, according to police. 
Several other people chased after the alleged shoplifter, Eddie McKee, and another man was armed but he never drew his gun. McKee was arrested in DeLand shortly after. 
Police said McKee then jumped in his car and took off, but bumped into another car in the parking lot, that's when police say bullets started flying. ... 
"I saw one black gentleman running from the parking lot, he dove in his car. And there were two older gentlemen chasing him down. One drew a gun, ripped open the guys car door and screamed, 'Freeze, freeze, don't move!' And then fired shots," said one 911 caller. 
As the bullets hit the getaway car -- piercing the trunk and shattering the back window -- police said bullets also hit at least two other cars. 
Martinez said to Local 6, he thought nobody else was in danger by his gunfire and he was surprised police arrested him. Martinez started opening fire because he said he wanted to mark the suspect's car as he fled from the scene. He has his concealed weapons permit but has been charged with two felonies, aggravated assault and shooting into an occupied vehicle. 
After reviewing store security video, police said Martinez's story doesn't add up. They believe he was never in danger because the shoplifter was driving away from him and everyone else.

(a related article and news video).

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ADDENDUM (3/1/13): A related blog post on this incident, with video of the shoplifter pushing down a bystander.

UPDATE (3/2/13):  See HERE for raw video of the shooting in the parking lot as well as the way the suspect knocked down a bystander.