Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Man robbed at gunpoint for game system in Oklahoma Walmart parking lot; shot fired

Occurred October 22, 2014.

A man arranged to meet a couple in the parking lot of an Oklahoma City Walmart in order to sell a game system, as arranged on Craigslist.  But the man in the couple pulled an assault weapon and woman robbed the victim of his game system, instead.

The two men fought, and the gun dropped, firing a round.

The couple made off with the game system and gun, and the victim fled to his car where his child was waiting.

From an article:
A man told police he was robbed in a Walmart parking lot when he tried to sell a Playstation 4 game console in a Craigslist transaction.
About 12:50 p.m. Wednesday, police were sent to 6100 W Reno Ave. in reference to a reported armed robbery.
Jessie Wiley told police he was in the parking lot to meet with a man and a woman to sell them a Playstation 4.
As Wiley was taking the Playstation out of his vehicle, the man approached him with a gun described as a black Tec 9 or Uzi, the police report states.
Wiley told police the man told him to put the Playstation 4 in the trunk of his car, but Wiley refused.
The man ran up to Wiley and struck him on the back of his head, the police report states.
Wiley started wrestling with the man, the police report states.
He said the man dropped the gun, and it fired one round.
Wiley was not sure what direction the firearm was facing when the round went off, according to the police report.
Wiley said he started punching the man in the face.
The woman grabbed the Playstation 4 and loaded it in the trunk of her vehicle, Wiley told police.
She picked up the gun, and Wiley said he started gouging the man’s left eye with his thumb.
Wiley released the man and returned to his vehicle because he had a small child with him, the report states.
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