Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Colorado woman shot at by boyfriend behind Walmart Neighborhood Market

Occurred March 4, 2014.

Robert Marquez, 34, and his girlfriend got into an argument, behind a Walmart Neighborhood Market in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  He threatened to kill her with a gun, and when she ran from him, he fired at her.

He has now been arrested and charged with several related crimes.  Marquez has a prior arrest record.

From an article:
It was Tuesday afternoon at about 3 when police were called to a report of shots fired at the Walmart Neighborhood Market in the 600 block of North Murray Boulevard. That’s near the intersection of Platte Avenue and Murray Boulevard.
A woman victim told police Marquez, her boyfriend, became upset at her and assaulted her in the car. She said she jumped out of the moving car behind the store to get away from him.
She also said that as she was running she heard what she thought may have been a gunshot. Police said the woman claimed Marquez had threatened her with a gun before she got out of the car.

Walmart.  Save money.  Die faster.