Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Monday, March 3, 2014

Domestic shooting at a Walmart in Georgia

Occurred March 3, 2014.

(UPDATED -- see below)

A Walmart employee, 43-year-old Pam Garner, was taking a smoke break behind the Walmart store in Fitzgerald, Georgia, when her 69-year old husband, Bob Garner, showed up.  They got into an argument, so Bob pulled out a handgun and shot her, then shot her again as she ran.

She is now recovering. Bob is being arrested.

From an article:
Fitzgerald Police Chief Bill Smallwood told FOX 31 that shortly before 9 a.m., they received a phone call about a shooting that happened behind the store.

43-year-old Pam Garner, an employee at Wal-Mart, employee was behind the store where associates gather for their smoke break, when her husband, 69-year-old Bob Garner, showed up and an argument began.

Chief Smallwood says that is when he shot her, and when she began to run, shot her again. However, she was able to make it back inside the building.

Chief Smallwood says that she was taken to Tift Regional Medical Center with a head wound, but was talking and moving after the incident. She has since been treated and released for her injuries.

Bob Garner has been arrested and charged with five counts of aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime and criminal damage to property.
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UPDATE (3/4/14):  The victim was shot with her own gun, which her estranged husband had taken from her.  Pam Garner, is recovering, and has spoken out about her husband.  According to an article:
"He shot me and it went right through my head," said Pam Garner. Garner can't believe she was shot and the accused gunman is her husband, 69 year-old Bob Garner. 
"He cocked it, shot my right arm and luckily it went straight through didn't damage the bone or nothing," said Garner. 
The 43 year-old says she was on a break from her job at Walmart just before 9am Monday morning when he showed up. "He got upset acting and everything and he said well why can't you ever tell me your sorry?" 
Garner says that's when he pulled out her gun, which she says he took from her Sunday night. "And he said well I got something for you. And he reached over to the center console, lifted the latch. I seen the gun and I thought he was emptying or making sure it was empty before he handed it to me at work." 
Then, Garner says, he shot her twice. "I fell in front of his truck and I said to myself, no you're not going to lay here and let him shoot you again. So I got up and I run toward the back of the shop, I heard him shoot at me one more time, but he didn't hit me." 
Fitzgerald Police say Bob Garner, a former Ben Hill County Sheriff's deputy was taken into custody. 
And the shooting might have been captured on security cameras. "Walmart is right now pulling that video cameras and all that they have to see if they got it on camera for us," said Chief William Smallwood with the Fitzgerald Police Department. 
While the investigation is ongoing, Pam Garner is focusing on recovering. 
"Anybody can call it luck. But I had an angel with me," said Garner. 
 And protecting her family. "I don't want him anywhere around me or my family. I don't want my family harmed. He don't need out. He's out of his mind," said Garner. 
Pam and Bob Garner married in 1995, but have been separated for three years.
UPDATE (3/12/14):  A surveillance video has been released for the shooting.