Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Gunmen attempt to rob Alabama Walmart, assault employee, then steal a car

Occurred March 5, 2014.
Scene of armed robbery at Dothan Walmart (source)

Two young men, Darius Crumby, 21, and Nathanial Cox, 22, entered a Walmart store in Dothan, Alabama, and attempted to rob the Walmart by threatening to shoot an employee.  When the employee they were robbing called for help, they hit her, then stole a car in the parking lot.

They were later captured when trying to rob a different Walmart store, in Thomasville, Alabama.

From an article:
Investigators say an unidentified subject confronted a Wal-Mart employee and demanded they give him money or he would shoot another worker. When that employee called for help, the suspect struck them in the face and fled the store.

Investigators say the suspect ran to the parking-lot and confronted a patron who had just exited their vehicle. The suspect took the victims car keys at gunpoint and fled the parking-lot, north on South Oates Street. The vehicle was recovered a short time later in the 2100 block of Ross Clark Circle, with a witness stating the suspect fled in an unknown white passenger car.

Detectives with the Dothan Police Departments Criminal Investigations Bureau were in the early stages of gathering facts to the incident, when they were notified of the arrest of two individuals, for the robbery of a Wal-Mart store in Thomasville, Georgia. Through further investigation, it was determined that the two suspects, now identified as Nathanial Cox and Darius Crumby, were responsible for the robbery of the Dothan, Alabama Wal-Mart.

Cox and Crumby are currently in custody with the Thomasville Police Department, with warrants being obtained for their arrest and extradition back to Dothan.
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