Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Off-duty policeman shoots shoplifter at Texas Walmart after being stabbed

Occurred December 16, 2014.
Scene of shooting at Dallas Walmart (screenpic source)

An off-duty officer, Larry Moody, in full uniform, was working security at a Dallas, Texas, Walmart store when he confronted a shoplifter, 33-year old Jonathan Puckett.  Puckett stabbed Officer Moody in the hand, at which point Moody pulled his gun and shot Puckett in the leg.

From an article:
The incident happened just after midnight at the Walmart store on Retail Road, in the northeast part of the city.
Police said that the officer tried to stop a man who was accused of shoplifting. But the suspect stabbed the officer in the left hand. The officer responded by pulled out his weapon and firing at the suspect, striking him in the leg.
Authorities did not say what the suspect was trying to steal.
The suspect was taken to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas in stable condition. The officer was transported to Baylor Medical Center at Dallas and is expected to be okay. No names have been released.
Additional details HERE.

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