Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Man steals realistic Airsoft gun from Ohio Walmart then uses it to rob a bank

Occurred December 5, 2014.

A man shoplifted a realistic-looking Airsoft pellet gun from an Englewood, Ohio, Walmart store.  He then used the gun to rob a nearby credit union.

From an article:

Englewood Police Sgt. Michael Lang said the suspect was shown on surveillance video before the robbery at a nearby Walmart shoplifting an Airsoft gun and purchasing a T-shirt. He next went to Murphy Oil and purchased gas before crossing the street and robbing the credit union.

Lang says they believe the shoplifted gun was used in the robbery soon after at Wright-Patt Credit Union on Hoke Road.

Walmart.  Save money.  Die faster.