Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Monday, December 1, 2014

Massachusetts couple purchase realistic-looking pellet gun at Walmart then rob the store with it

Occurred November 8, 2014.

A couple, Molly K. McKeen, 25, and Cortez D. Palmer, 37, walked into a Walmart store in Oxford, Massachusetts, and purchased, among other things, a realistic-looking pellet gun.

Shortly after leaving the store, Palmer returned and used the gun to threaten a Walmart clerk, demanding money.  The couple then fled.  Many other stores were also robbed, possibly with the same pellet gun.

From an article:
Molly K. McKeen, 25, of 6 Knox St., Worcester; and Cortez D. Palmer, 37, of 68 Merrick St., Worcester, allegedly entered the Walmart in Oxford on Nov. 8 and made several purchases, including a pellet gun, the affidavits on file in Central District Court said.

Surveillance footage obtained from the store shows Ms. McKeen using a debit/credit card to make the purchases. The two left the store, but Mr. Palmer returned with a black handgun, which authorities believe was the pellet gun just purchased, the records said.

Mr. Palmer is accused of approaching the guest services counter and telling the clerk to look down. He allegedly showed the clerk the handgun and demanded cash. The robbery netted $8,681, the affidavits said.

Ms. McKeen has been arraignedon a charge of unarmed robbery. Mr. Palmer faces several counts of unarmed robbery and one count of armed robbery in connection with a cluster of robberies in Worcester and other area towns. He also has been arraigned in Central District Court.

Worcester police said they linked six robberies to one or all of the suspects. Mr. Palmer allegedly robbed multiple supermarkets, a Walmart and one Dunkin' Donuts in the city from September to November.
Realistic-looking pellet guns have been used in numerous gun crimes at Walmart stores.

Despite this history, Walmart continues to sell many models of realistic-looking pellet, BB, and toy guns.

Walmart.  Save money.  Die faster.