Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Louisiana deputy shoots at Walmart robber in parking lot

Occurred February 16, 2014.
Scene of shooting at New Orleans Walmart (source)

(UPDATED -- see below)

A man robbed a New Orleans, Louisiana, Walmart store, saying he had a weapon, then fled with the money.

A responding deputy then fired at the fleeing suspect, and was nearly run over.

The suspect got away.

From an article:
The suspect went into the store, implied he had a weapon and demanded money from several of the store cashiers. 
The deputy, who was working a detail at the store, pursued the male suspect to the parking, police said. 
The suspect then got into a Ford Taurus, and began to drive away. The deputy then fired shots, two of which hit the driver's side door of a car in the parking lot, Stelly said. The suspect also tried to run the deputy over with the car, according to New Orleans police. 
The suspect then fled down Behrman Highway toward General de Gaulle Drive. 
Preliminary information indicated the suspect implied he had a weapon, but it was unclear whether he was armed, Stelly said. Police do not know if he was struck by gunfire. 
The deputy "did what he was trained to do on those details," Stelly said.
Walmart.  Save money.  Die faster.

UPDATE (3/12/14):  The suspect, Frederick Dwyer, has been captured.  From an article:
About 2 p.m. on Feb. 16, Dwyer walked into the Walmart at 4001 Behrman Highway, and approached multiple cashiers. He implied he had a gun, and demanded money from them.
Dwyer then took money from a cash register, and ran out of the store, police said.
Orleans Parish Sheriff's deputy Thomas Elder Jr., who was working a detail at the store, was alerted to the crime. He gave chase as Dwyer left the store.
Dwyer then got into a Ford Taurus to drive away, and attempted to run over Elder with the car, police records state.
Elder then fired three shots at the car, two of which hit the the driver's side door.
At the time, officials with the Orleans Parish Sheriff's spokesman said Elder "did what he was supposed to do" while working details.
On Feb. 27, police identified Dwyer as a suspect in the case, and arrested him on an unrelated municipal warrant. An Orleans Parish sheriff's deputy at the scene of the arrest also recognized Dwyer's car by to the bullet holes in the driver's side door.