Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Man at Arizona Walmart threatens teens with a gun and knife

Occurred February 12, 2014.

A man got into a confrontation with a group of teen boys at a Walmart store in Flagstaff, Arizona.  He then urged them out of the store, at which point he threatened them with a knife and handgun.  When they reported it, he fled.

He was later arrested and the weapons were confiscated.

From an article:
Witnesses said the man became angry when one of the teenagers started rotating a jewelry display his wife was looking at. The teen apologized but a verbal dispute ensued. One witness heard the man suggest they “take this outside.” 
When the teen and his three friends followed the man out to the store’s Garden Center, the suspect pulled out a gun and a knife. At least one witness said they saw the man briefly point the gun at the teens and say, “Have you ever killed someone? Well, I have.” The teen told one of his friends to call the police and a Walmart employee told the suspect to leave immediately.
He then drove of with his wife on a motorcycle. 
Police pulled the couple over a short time later near West Route 66 and Railroad Springs Boulevard. The suspect said the teen had been disrespectful of his wife and refused to walk away. He admitted he had a gun and knife in his hands during the confrontation, but denied pointing the gun at the teen. He also claimed it was the teen’s idea to go outside to fight, and said he took out his weapons because he felt threatened. 
The gun and knife, as well as Walmart’s security footage, were collected as evidence.
You don't need a conceal carry permit in Arizona, and Walmart stores allow carrying of guns in their stores.

Walmart.  Save money.  Die faster.