Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Friday, February 14, 2014

Two young men found shot to death in a Tennessee Walmart parking lot

Occurred January 29, 2014.
Scene of fatal shooting at Murfreesboro Walmat (source)

(UPDATED -- see below)
Two young men, both age 19, were found shot to death in the parking lot of a Walmart in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  

From an article:
The victims are Latre R. Lillard and Andre D. Chesterfield, both 19, Murfreesboro Police spokesman Sgt. Clyde Adkison said. The two men were cousins. 
Chesterfield is a former running back and safety for Oakland High School’s football team. He graduated in 2012, his former coach Thomas McDaniel said. 
McDaniel was shocked by his former player’s violent death, he said, because Chesterfield was a good student with a positive attitude. .... 
“We have no suspects at this time,” Adkison said. “The investigation is ongoing.” 
Officer Lo Sidadouangleuth reported that he responded to a call around midnight Wednesday from a local woman who said she found two men on the ground in the parking lot. 
When the officer arrived, he saw “a lot of blood near both subjects’ head area, they were deceased,” he reported. 
Sidadouangleth also found pieces of shattered vehicle windows near both subjects.
Walmart.  Save money.  Die faster.

UPDATE (7/10/14):  Two brothers have been indicted for the murder of Lillard and Chesterfield.  From an article:

Danarius Coleman and his brother, Demetrius, both originally from Chicago are to be arraigned on first-degree murder charges July 21, according to Circuit Court records. They are accused in the Jan. 29 shooting deaths of Latre Lillard, 19, and Andre Chesterfield, 19, of Murfreesboro, whose bloody bodies were found in the store parking lot off Thompson Lane. ... 
Danarius Coleman’s girlfriend, Ladorothy Morrison, testified in a March preliminary hearing that he told her he was getting ready for “an easy takedown” in a drug-deal robbery and later admitted he killed two people. 
Morrison testified she was working at Steak & Shake in Antioch that night when Danarius texted her and told her “something horrible happened” and he needed her to be with him. 
Morrison said she when he met her at his apartment that night he was carrying a bloody garbage bag and then told her about the murder and showed her cell-phone video from the shooting scene. 
“He basically said it was either him or them because they had guns on them, too,” she testified. 
Police targeted the Colemans as suspects after Demetrius reported his vehicle stolen the next morning. Authorities found the vehicle burned up and with some of the windows blown out. 
Danarius Coleman was arrested Feb. 5 at his Antioch apartment, and Murfreesboro Police arrested Demetrius Coleman two weeks later in Chicago with the help of authorities there.