Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Violent kidnapping at gunpoint and sexual assault starting at a Walmart in Indiana

Occurred February 6, 2014.

A female shopper returned to her car in the parking lot of a Walmart when a man, Michael Parrish, held a gun to her and forced her, along with another woman in the car and a 3-year old child, to another parking lot, where he raped both women.  He then made them drive to an apartment where another victim, a man, was tied up and he robbed the place.

Parrish has now been arrested.

From an article:
A woman told police she was returning her cart in the parking lot of the Avon Walmart Thursday night when she noticed a man talking on a cell phone. She told police he seemed agitated and was using profanity. 
According to police, the man followed the woman back to her car, then forced her at gunpoint to drive him from the Avon Walmart to a nearby apartment complex parking lot, where he sexually assaulted both women in the car with a young child in the backseat. The man threatened to kill the child if they did not comply. 
"Not only was this a crime in front of a child, but they are victim as well. It's something that this three-year-old is going to have to receive counseling for," said Avon Police Det. Sean Stoops. 
The victims were then forced to drive to their home in Clermont. That's where investigators say he tied up the women and a male roommate, then ransacked their home. 
The suspect fled with the victim's car, a 1998 green Chevy Blazer, along with laptops, a flat screen and cell phones. He told the women not to call police for two hours or they would be shot in the head, and that he had someone watching them from across the street. 
"They still have to live this terrible, terrible nightmare every second of the day now," Stoops said. 
Parrish was released from prison in the last year and a half after being sentenced for robbery when he was about 16 years old.
Parrish is also a suspect in other crimes.
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