Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Man tries to steal rifle from Texas Walmart and gets shot by police in parking lot

Occurred March 21, 2014.
Scene of San Angelo Walmart shooting (source)

42-year-old Charles D. Welborn went into a Walmart superstore in San Angelo, Texas.  He grabbed a hammer, went to the sporting goods area, and then smashed a gun case, telling the clerk that he had a bomb.  He pulled out a rifle and tried to get away with it, pointing it at other shoppers.

A Walmart employee managed to wrestle the gun away from Welborn, then Welborn fled into the parking lot.

Police responded, finding Welborn in the parking lot.  Welborn then attacked police with a broken bottle, at which point they shot and injured him, hitting him three times.

From an article:
San Angelo's Northside Wal-mart re-opened just before ten Monday night; and 42-year-old Charles D. Welborn remains in the hospital after being shot by police.
The shooting followed an aggravated robbery at the Wal-mart on West 28th Street at about 2:40 Monday afternoon. The store and parking lot were closed off for several hours as police collected evidence, but re-opened late Monday evening.
About a dozen employees waited from across the street for the store to re-open.
Police say Welborn broke into a gun display case in the store, and took a rifle; then ran out after an employee took the rifle away from him.
Police shot Welborn in the parking lot after they say he charged at them with a broken bottle after refusing orders; medics transported him to Shannon Medical Center.
Further details can be found in another article.

Welborn later died from his injuries. 

According to family members, Welborn had suffered from depression and alcoholism brought on by the suicide of a teen daughter, the death of an infant daughter from SIDS, and then the death of his wife from cancer.

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