Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Wanted man shot by officer in California Walmart parking lot; brother also shot nearby

Occurred April 3, 2014.
Scene of Fairfield Walmart shooting (source)

Federal officers were in Fairfield, California, looking for two brothers who were wanted for attempted homicidal shooting.

One brother was found in the parking lot of a Walmart store.  When the man presented a gun, the officer shot him.

The other brother, who also had a gun, was shot by a police officer across the street, 30 minutes later.

From an article:
One suspect, Markell Davis, 27, of Fairfield, was located behind the Walmart at 2701 N. Texas St. Around 2:46 p.m., a U.S. Marshal approached the Davis, who was armed with a handgun, according to authorities. Police said the suspect was shot by the federal officer, but did not say what led to the shooting.
About 30 minutes later, a second suspect, identified as Cory Davis, 33, of Suisun City, was found in an apartment complex across the street by Fairfield police. Davis, who was also armed, police reported, was shot by an officer. Police did not say what led to the shooting.
No officers were injured in the incidents. Both suspects were taken into custody.
It turns out this is the second time that one of the suspects, Markell Davis, has been shot in the last year.  From another article:
On Feb. 17, Moore was driving a Nissan with Demetri Moore, 33, of Fairfield sitting in the passenger seat, police said. A second vehicle pulled alongside them on the 2000 block of Claybank Road in Fairfield, and an individual inside that car or truck opened fire, hitting both Moore and Markell Davis. A lady driving in the region who was not involved in the confrontation was struck by gunfire.
Moore was arrested in that case, and Markell Davis had been sought as well. Police did not elaborate on Markell Davis' whereabouts following he was shot in February.
Cory Davis, meanwhile, had been sought in connection with a shooting that occurred in Vacaville on Feb. 19, police mentioned.

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