Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Officer fires on shoplifters after they run him over at Louisiana Walmart store

Occurred July 2, 2014.

An off-duty police officer who was working as security at a Walmart store in Lafayette, Louisiana, confronted some shoplifters in the parking lot.  The suspects then ran him over -- twice -- and then the officer fired shots at the shoplifters as they escaped.

The officer will survive his injuries.  It's unknown if his shots hit any of the suspects.

From an article:

Police say an off-duty officer was working security at the store when he apprehended two shoplifting suspects. During his investigation, the officer discovered that there were others involved in the shoplifting incident.
Police say the officer then approached the suspects’ car in the parking lot. When he did, the driver allegedly backed up and ran over the officer. When he got up, the driver allegedly ran over the officer again, this time dragging him 100 feet.
According to investigators, the officer fired two shots at the vehicle after freeing himself. The vehicle sped away.
The officer was transported to a local hospital with minor to moderate injuries.
Police are looking for a dark-colored mid-sized vehicle. The driver is described as female, while police say there were at least two passengers in the vehicle.

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