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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Man steals three rifles from Arizona Walmart

Occurred week of April 21, 2014.

A transient man, Daniel Justin Miranda, 46, is suspected of stealing three rifles from a Walmart store in Phoenix, Arizona.  One of those rifles was sold, but later recovered.  The other two were recovered upon catching Miranda.

From an article:

Miranda was caught when last Friday afternoon some patrol officers observed an unknown subject sell a rifle, later determined to be one of the stolen rifles from the Walmart burglary, to two people in a hotel parking lot near 17th Avenue and Bell Road. The subjects bought the rifle, worth $1,497, for $200 and when they were contacted by police admitted to believing the rifle was stolen.
Both subjects were booked into jail at that time for theft control of stolen property and other charges. ....

Police established surveillance in the area where Miranda, a transient, was known to frequent, and by mid-afternoon on the 29th he was taken into custody and the two additional stolen rifles were recovered.
Holmes said Miranda not only admitted to burglarizing the Walmart, but also burglarizing a Sprouts grocery store near Central Avenue and Bell Road, also on April 25.
Miranda was booked into jail and charged with two counts of burglary, trafficking in stolen property and three counts of misconduct involving weapons/prohibited possessor, all felonies.

The article didn't say what kind of rifles were stolen, or the circumstances under which they were stolen.

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