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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

FBI arrest of drug-dealing gang member leads to fatal shooting at Maryland Sam's Club store

Occurred April 11, 2014.

(UPDATED -- See below)

FBI went to arrest Jameel Kareem Ofurum Harrison, 34, in the parking lot of a Sam's Club in Owings Mills, Maryland, for drug offenses.  Harrison was a gang member with a long rap sheet.

When Harrison attempted to run over the officers, they opened fire, hitting him 19 times and killing him.

An investigation cleared the FBI agents of wrongdoing.

From an article:
In the Owings Mills shooting, the agents from the FBI's Baltimore field office, along with other law enforcement personnel, were wearing vests that identified them as law enforcement. They got out of their cars, surrounded Harrison's car, and told him to raise his hands and get out of the car.
One officer pulled his Chevrolet Uplander minivan in front of Harrison's 2013 Infiniti FX37, boxing him in. The officer got out and walked up to the front of Harrison's car; with his weapon drawn, he identified himself as a police officer and ordered Harrison to get out of the car. Another agent walked up to Harrison's driver-side door, and others also approached the vehicle and repeated similar commands.
The report says Harrison started to drop his hands "and a short time after that, the vehicle was driving in reverse," striking the car behind him. ...

The report says Harrison "put the vehicle in reverse, accelerated past two witness vehicles, then struck a third witness vehicle. At that point the driver made a movement that placed three agents in fear of death or injury, causing them to discharge their weapons," according to the Baltimore County Police Department's investigative report, which was reviewed by the state's attorney's office.
Harrison was pronounced dead at the scene.

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UPDATE (9/21/14):  Click HERE for more information on Harrison's background and gang affiliation.