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Monday, March 4, 2013

Armed prescription drug robbers at Pennsylvania Walmart plead guilty

Armed robbery occurred August 6, 2012.

Last August, a couple robbed a Walmart pharmacy at gunpoint, in Lower Nazareth Township, Pennsylvania. 

Wanting prescription pain medicines, Gregory and Lindsey Dalrymple, planned the heist together.  She armed herself with a 9mm handgun, and he with an unloaded realistic-looking pellet gun.  She drove the getaway car while he stole prescription patches.

They have now pleaded guilty to the crime.

From an article:
Gregory and Lindsey Dalrymple pleaded guilty to one count of robbery this morning before Northampton County Judge Edward Smith. Authorities say that after being unable to purchase the painkilling Fentanyl patches, the two conspired to steal between 15 and 20 from the in-store pharmacy at the store's Route 248 location. 
Gregory Dalrymple told Smith he had become dependent on the drug following his spinal fusion surgery, but could no longer acquire the drug legally. His wife had been abusing the medication as well, he said, so she purchased a 9 mm handgun Aug. 4, drove him Aug. 6 to the Wal-Mart and scouted out the inside so he could rob it. 
"I wasn't going to do it if there were women and children in there. I wasn't going to do it," he said, adding that he apologized to the pharmacist as he leveled the unloaded gun at him.
After the pharmacist stuffed the pain medications into a bag, Gregory Dalrymple said he quickly got out of the pharmacy and was thanked by a Wal-Mart greeter as he left. He then jumped into the waiting car, and Lindsey Dalrymple sped off to their South Easton home, he said. The two ate the patches as they raced home, he said. 
Police received a tip that Gregory Dalrymple was the gunman and on Aug. 9 raided an apartment on the first block of North 11th Street, but he was not there. He surrendered Aug. 22 and testified against his wife at her preliminary hearing
After Gregory Dalrymple pleaded guilty to one count of robbery, Lindsey Dalrymple acknowledged most of the same facts, but said she did not actively conspire with her husband. She had applied for the 9 mm handgun weeks before and said her husband brandished a pellet gun in the robbery. While Gregory Dalrymple had not threatened her the day of the robbery, he had become physical in the past when she defied him, she said. 
"You're either going to get your ass beat, or you're going to do what you're told," she said, adding the he had tried to have her shanked in prison. Assistant District Attorney Patricia Fuentes Mulqueen said the allegations weren't true.
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