Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Gunman robs woman at gunpoint after slashing her tires in Wisconsin Walmart parking lot

Occurred February 6, 2012.

Last year, a man and woman slashed the tire of a woman shopping at a Walmart in Onalaska, Wisconsin.  When the woman came out and discovered the tire, the offenders offered to help her fix the tire as a ruse.  Later, though, they choked the driver, threatened her with a gun and a knife, and robbed her.

Both offenders have since been caught and charged.

From an article:

Jennifer Rondeau-Wilbur, 33, of La Crosse also will serve two years on probation. 
According to court records, the victim exited the Walmart in Onalaska on the night of Feb. 6, 20120 to discover her tire was flat; her passenger, Rondeau-Wilbur, told her a friend would fix the tire in exchange for a ride. 
That man, Jacob Foley, later choked the driver, demanded money and threatened to shoot Rondeau-Wilbur while Kyle Wedekind broke the car window and threatened the driver with a knife, according to complaints. 
Keri Basham, who admitted driving a vehicle for Wedekind, was charged with robbery with use of force as a party to the crime. Rondeau-Wilbur was charged with the same crime on Thursday but pleaded guilty to reduced charges. 
Foley was charged with armed robbery, Wedekind with robbery with use of force.
At the time of the crime, Rondeau-Wilbur was dating Wedekind, who her attorney called manipulating and controlling. 
Probation will allow Rondeau-Wilbur, who apologized for her role in the robbery, to undergo drug treatment.

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