Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pennsylvania man shoots and kills girlfriend with shotgun shells purchased at Walmart

Occurred May 21, 2013.

Gregory Twyman, 44, posted a picture on Facebook of shotgun shells he had purchased at Walmart the week before and announced his plans to kill his girlfriend, in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

The next day, as he planned, he shot his girlfriend, Jamica Woods, several times in the torso with his shotgun.  He then called 911 to turn himself in.

From an article (bolding added):
"Jamica Woods was a kind and loving mother," District Attorney Tom Hogan said in a statement. "This crime was a cold-blooded execution. We will seek justice for Jamica's death."
Woods was killed by several shotgun wounds to her torso.
In Hogan's notice of intent to seek the death penalty, he says Twyman has "a significant history of felony convictions involving the use or threat of violence to the person," an aggravating circumstance in support of a death sentence. 
The day before the shooting, Twyman posted a photo of a shotgun shell he bought at Walmart on his Facebook page. 
A friend asked what it was, and he identified it as a shell, according to court documents. 
The friend said: "I'm calling the ATF on your ass now...LOL...." 
Twyman wrote: "Gon be too late." 
Another friend wrote: "CIA FBI ATF u know snitches be lurking amongst us on here… lol." 

Twyman replied: "Once I handle my business I don’t give a f---!"
Then, on May 21, authorities say, he called 911 and said: "I need the police, I just shot my girlfriend."  
The prosecution's death penalty notice will be formally entered when Twyman is arraigned on Thursday.

From another article and news video (bolding added):
Chester County District Attorney Thomas Hogan called it a "premeditated and cruel." 
"This was not an argument, this was a pre-planned execution," Hogan said. 
Hogan said that Twyman took his time to reload the shotgun to deliver a second shot. 
Twyman, 44, told police that after weeks of fighting he decided to shoot Woods, 37, with shotgun shells he bought "last week at Walmart." 
Police say Twyman predicted the shooting on his Facebook page. The day before the homicide police say that Twyman made his Facebook profile photo a shotgun shell and the banner photo of his own shotgun, according to the affidavit.
Walmart.  Save money.  Die faster.