Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Woman threatens Walmart shopper with gun in Tennessee

Occurred December 29, 2014.

A man was shopping at a Walmart store in Maryville, Tennessee, when he had an argument with a female shopper who accused him of intentionally bumping into her daughter.  The man continued shopping, but upon leaving the store, the woman drove up to him, brandished a handgun, and threatened him with it before fleeing.

From an article:
The 33-year-old man told police that he became embroiled in an argument with another patron near the general merchandise entrance of the store.
He described the person with whom he quarreled as “a short blond woman with a tattoo somewhere on the left side of her body.” He said the woman accused him of intentionally bumping into one of her daughters.
A Walmart employee overheard a portion of the exchange, and told police she heard the tattooed woman yell, “Let’s take it outside,” at the man.
After the quarrel, the man returned to his shopping errand with his female friend. They were soon joined by one of her family members, who served as a witness to the rest of the evening’s events.
Upon departing the store, the trio were approached by the tattooed woman once again. This time, she drove up in a black Toyota RG4 SUV (license plate: M75 82B), according to reports, and brandished a handgun in the direction of her perceived nemeses.
Witnesses said the woman yelled at the threesome as she wielded the gun, “I don’t call the cops; I take care of my own problems!” And with that, she drove away, reports said.
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