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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Robbers hide in Massachusetts Walmart still wielding gun

Occurred June 28, 2014.

Three robbery suspects who had robbed a local Radio Shack of iPhones, still armed with their handgun, were on the run and ducked into a Walmart store in Lynn.  They were attempting to change clothes when they are arrested.

From an article:
Authorities said the two men and one woman robbed a State Street Radio Shack with weapons and masks before fleeing the scene with about $10,000 worth of merchandise, including an ill-fated iPhone.
That device’s GPS was reportedly used to track the suspects to the Lynnway Walmart, where investigators identified them with surveillance footage. 
A handgun was reportedly recovered from one of the suspects. Officials have not yet released the names of those arrested, citing an ongoing investigation.
The three suspects, two from Lynn and another from Boston, face armed robbery charges.
The Wal-Mart was reportedly briefly evacuated during the incident.
More details, according to another article:
Police chased the vehicle from the Lynnway to the Point of Pines exit in Revere but lost the suspect vehicle, Sheehan reported. One of the store employees, however, allegedly told police he/she had a GPS tracker on his/her phone, which police said they used to track the suspects as the car doubled back down the Lynnway to Walmart.
Police found the vehicle, which they learned Casimir had rented, and watched surveillance footage of the suspects coming into the store, grabbing clothes and running to the bathrooms, Sheehan said.
Police evacuated the Walmart and arrested the suspects. Officers searching the men’s bathroom also found a black revolver and discarded clothes that matched the clothes the suspects were wearing when seen on video entering the store, Sheehan said. Police recovered a box of unopened Apple products and the store employees’ cellphones (which had missed calls from Lynn Police Headquarters as officers had called the phones during the chase) in the car, Sheehan said.

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