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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Robbery suspect pulls gun on officer at New Mexico Walmart store

Occurred August 1, 2014.

A police officer, responding to a report of a robber at an Albuquerque Walmart store, discovered the suspect was in the store under suspicion of shoplifting.  The suspect then pulled a gun on the officer, and when the officer responded by pulling his gun, the suspect fled to a nearby store but was arrested.  An accomplice may have been involved.

Luckily, no shots were fired.

From an article:
An Albuquerque Police Department detective trying to identify an auto break-in suspect got more than he bargained for Friday.
He went to the Walmart near Coors and Ouray to browse through archived surveillance footage of a suspected auto burglar who had allegedly used a stolen credit card at the store, according to APD spokesman Tanner Tixier.
As soon as he found the footage, a Walmart loss prevention officer noticed that the same man was in the store Friday trying to shoplift.
A loss prevention officer went up to the man, and the man pulled a gun on the officer, Tixier said.
The APD saw what was happening and then pulled out his gun.
That’s when the suspect put the gun in his pocket and fled to a nearby Home Depot parking lot, where he jumped into a car.
A man “pretending” to do work on the car then ran into the Home Depot.
The suspect in the Walmart case probably will face charges including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
Police said they were trying to figure out whether the second man was involved.
Neither was identified by police Friday.

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