Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Gun-wielding vigilantes hold shoplifters at bay at Georgia Walmart

Occurred November 8, 2013.

Two drunk men shoplifted meat from a Walmart store in Thomasville, Georgia.  

Two citizens confronted the men in the parking lot, and when they tried to flee, the citizens rammed their car, then held the men at gunpoint until police arrived.  The citizens had conceal carry licenses.

From an article:
Robert Thurman, 38, and Larry King, 27, have been charged with felony shoplifting. 
Police said the suspects tried to escape by car Thursday night, but two citizens in the parking lot used their own vehicles to corral the men. The suspects tried to drive off, but the citizens rammed their vehicle, disabling it. 
Then, the suspects got out of the car, and the citizens held them at gunpoint until the police could arrest them, police said. No one was injured. 
Both citizens were armed with licensed weapons, said Wade Glover, a commander with the Thomasville Police Department. 
Glover said the suspects were intoxicated.
Thomasville is also the scene of a shooting and attempted homicide at a Walmart store in April, 2012.

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