Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Shoplifter posing as policeman threatens Walmart employees with gun

Occurred September 17, 2013.
Armed shoplifter at Louisville Walmart (source)

A man was stopped by loss prevention employees after he tried to shoplift some merchandise, in a Walmart in Louisville, Kentucky.  The man then showed a fake police badge.  When that failed to let him get away with shoplifting, he then threatened the employees with a handgun, then fled the scene.

From an article:
"He probably didn't think that he would get stopped just because of the badge and the gun," said LMPD Detective John Green. "I think he probably thought, 'I'll be able to come in, I'll look like a policeman and they probably won't question my motives.'" 
But instead, Green says the suspect was stopped at the store exit and asked to show his receipt. 
"The only thing he said was, 'I've got your receipt' when he pointed down at his gun," Green says. "And he kind of tapped it, and at that point, that's when he pulled it out and pointed it at everybody." 
Police say the suspect is a black male who was wearing a shirt and tie. His image appears in surveillance video and in the still photos shown on the right of this story. 
"I think it was air mattresses, several type things like that, and he just went right to the door ... you know, passed up the cashier area and went right to the exit," says Green. 
Green also got a good description of the man's badge. "It resembled a star. If you've ever seen like a deputy sheriff's badge, it was similar to that. It wasn't like ours, which is more oval."
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