Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Botched armored car robbery at Walmart in Sacramento ends in robber shot in leg

Crime scene at Sacramento Walmart
Occurred April 17, 2012.

At a Walmart in Sacramento, California, an armored car was parked in front of a store entrance, and the guards were unloading money.  That's when a man tasered the guard in a robbery attempt.  The guard chased the man and shot him in the leg.  Another robber in a getaway vehicle tried to run over the guard.

From an article and video:

A sheriff's sergeant at the scene said the incident began with the attempted robbery of a Garda armored truck parked in front of Walmart. A guard leaving the store with cash receipts was Tasered by a man behind him, said Ramos.
The man with the stun gun then ran into the parking lot. Ramos said the guard, who had fallen to the ground and dropped the money, got up and ran after the man. The guard fired at the man, hitting him in the leg.
The man tried to get into dark-colored, possibly gray or black Chevrolet Impala with another man behind the wheel. The driver drove straight at the guard, Ramos said. The guard discharged his service weapon again in an attempt to stop the car.
Meantime, the man shot in the leg ran across Florin Road. He was found in a dumpster and taken into custody to be treated for his injury and then booked into jail, Ramos said.
The driver in the Impala was later arrested around 6 p.m. Details surrounding the driver's arrest were unclear.

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