Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Four assault rifles stolen from Mississippi Walmart display case

The four assault rifles stolen from Tyler Walmart
Occurred October 1, 2012.

A man and woman broke into a display case at a Tyler, Mississippi Walmart and stole four assault rifles.  

The assault rifles have since been recovered, but the suspects have yet to be captured.

From an article:

According to a Walmart spokesperson, someone broke into the gun case around 1:30 Monday morning, while a clerk wasn't looking and stole several guns. 
Tyler Police say surveillance footage shows a white male breaking into the gun case and removing four assault rifles. Police say he had an accomplice, who acted as a look out. They describe her as a white female. 
The four rifles, along with a gun bag and hunting jacket were placed in a cart and taken from the store, police say. 
Tyler Police say the suspects left WalMart in a silver Dodge or Chrysler minivan with only one hubcap on the left rear wheel.  
Walmart is working with local law enforcement to provide any assistance they may need. 
As a precautionary measure, All Tyler Walmart stores will be temporarily removing firearms from sales floors during the overnight hours.

From another article:

Warrants have been issued for 33-year-old Jamie Lee Miller and 34-year-old Jeremy Lee Wilson. Both are wanted on charges of theft of a firearm. 
Police have also recovered the suspects vehicle at a house located north of Tyler Pipe.
The homeowner stated that they did not know who the vehicle belonged to when they discovered it in their carport. 
Since the theft Sunday, Tyler Police also recovered all four of the weapons that were stolen from the store on Highway 64 West. Information led Tyler Police Officers to a location in town where the weapons were possibly dropped off.

Walmart.  Save money.  Die faster.