Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Vindictive father-in-law shoots son's wife to death at West Virginia Walmart gas station

Crime scene at Morgantown Walmart
Occurred April 21, 2012.

Larry Mitchell, 54, wasn't happy with his son's soon-to-be ex-wife, Shannon Stafford.  He surprised her at a Walmart gas station in Morgantown, West Virginia, and shot her several times while she was in her car and as she exited.  Stafford died from her wounds.  Witnesses captured Mitchell and held him until police arrived.

From an article:

Larry Mitchell, 54, of Shinnston allegedly shot Shannon Stafford, also known as Shannon Mitchell. 
Mitchell is Stafford's estranged husband's father, according to Morgantown Police Chief Ed Preston. 
Stafford, 29, is now a Bruceton Mills resident. She was meeting family at the Walmart, but did not know Mitchell was there, Chief Preston said. 
Mitchell allegedly confronted Stafford as she pulled into the parking lot, shot her while she was in the vehicle and continued to shoot at her after she exited the truck.  
No other passengers are believed to have been in the car with her. 
At this time, no total number of gunshots is known. 
When officers arrived, a large group of people was standing around the female victim and another group of witnesses had the suspect in custody, Preston said. 
Monongalia County Emergency Medical Services tried to revive Stafford, but she was pronounced dead on scene. 
A divorce between Stafford and Mitchell's son is pending, but not finalized, authorities said. 
Police believed the shooting was the result of an ongoing domestic situation.
Stafford has a child with Mitchell's son. The child lives full time with his father in Shinnston. 
Mitchell has been charged with murder and will be arraigned by video once he is booked and processed. Police did not specify which degree of murder with which he is charged.

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UPDATE (12/3/12):  The shooter, Larry Mitchell, is expected to give a guilty plea.  Some further details from an article:

Mitchell is charged with first-degree murder, and his attorney, Tom Dyer, says he plans to plead guilty to the charge. 
Should he change his mind, Mitchell will stand trial Dec. 11 in the slaying of 29-year-old Shannon Stafford. 
Investigators say Mitchell shot Stafford repeatedly inside her car and after she got out April 21. 
Stafford was there to meet Mitchell's son and to pick up their 2-year-old daughter, Faith, for a weekend visit.
UPDATE (12/10/12):  Mitchell pleaded guilty and will serve the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole.