Why are there so many shooting incidents and other gun crimes on Walmart property?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Conceal carry gunowner accidentally fires gun in Dallas Walmart, injuring woman and kids

Scene of shooting at Dallas Walmart
Occurred July 23, 2012.

Todd Canady, 23, discharged his concealed .40-caliber handgun while waiting in the checkout line at a Walmart in Dallas, Texas.  He injured himself in the ankle with debris, and shrapnel injured two children and their mother waiting next to him.  

Canady panicked and fled, and was later arrested.  He claimed it was an accident, despite the fact that the gun had two safety switches.  

Canady had a concealed handgun license.

He was arrested, but it was for fleeing, not for firing the weapon.

From an article and news video:

Canady, who has a concealed carry permit, had the .40-caliber semi-automatic gun near his wallet when it discharged. 
A Walmart cashier said she heard a loud boom and then saw a bullet on the floor. She said the man did not appear to be pulling the weapon out or threatening anyone and that she only heard one gunshot. 
"It was a pretty crazy experience," she said. 
After the gun went off, the man panicked and tried to leave the store, police said. He was quickly apprehended. 
Canady sustained a minor injury. Shrapnel from the bullet is believed to have struck two children and their mother, 27-year-old Cassie Schinto. 
A Dallas police report said debris struck Schinto in the right ankle, causing pain and swelling. Debris was also believed to have struck her son's cheek and her daughter's shin. None of the injuries were serious and no one required hospitalization.
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